Guaranteed to start your fire EVERY TIME!

Super Cedar Firestarters are a 4" x 1" disk made from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax. They leave no residues or toxic chemicals behind. Simply light the edge with a match and each starter will burn for 20-30 minutes. One starter can be broken apart to start multiple fires!

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Good For:

* Fireplace, Pellet & Wood Stoves
* Natural or Pressed Logs
* Outdoor Cooking & Survival Kits!

Better Than Kindling! So Easy to Use- Safe & Clean. Super Cedar Firestarters even burn when soaked in water! 20-30 minute Burn Time with 12" Flame - Super Cedars can be broken into multiple parts when smaller fires are desired.

3 Easy Steps To Start A Fire In A Fireplace:

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.

Top 10 Uses for the Super Cedar Firestarter:
1. Use a SuperCedar to start your fireplace fire quickly and easily.

2. Throw out your lighter fluid. Place a Super Cedar in your charcoal grill. Cover your Super Cedar with your favorite charcoal or cooking wood. Light the SuperCedar and watch as your grill quickly fires up to cooking temperature. No messy fuels!

3. Impress your fellow campers! Put a Super Cedar in your fire pit; stack your firewood on your firestarter. Light the firestarter and sit back as your fellow campers will accuse you of being a "professional camper". All great campfires start with a Super Cedar!

4. Out in the woods, caught without a fire? In your survival kit should be a Super Cedar Firestarter and waterproof matches. You will be set for any survival situation.

5. Super Cedar Firestarter make the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Anyone who loves a great fire, will really enjoy a SuperCedar!

6. Great Cedar Smell, keep a Super Cedar in your sock drawer and your clothes will always smell wonderful.

7. Start your romantic evening off on the right note. Quickly get that fireplace roaring without the mess of newspapers or kindling. Work on your love life, not your fire!

8. Firewood Dealers, increase your sales. Include a couple Super Cedar firestarters in each firewood order you fill. Suddenly your customers will be coming back for more of that easy to burn wood!

9. Sponsor a fundraiser! The Super Cedar firestarters are perfectly packaged for students to sell and make profits for their local charity. Contact us for details.

10. King of the neighborhood. Challenge any neighbor to a barbecue contest. With the Super Cedar at your side, no neighbor will stand a chance.

This fall we purcased a box of the Super Cedars and that is all we've used for starting the fires and they work wonderfully. Even my wife can now start a fire in a cold stove! That, to us, is wonderful because if I am not around she might freeze as the wood stove is our only source of heat.
~Dennis C., Chesaning, MI~

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