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We love our customers and they love us! We constantly receive glowing praises about our Firestarters and Cast Aluminum Stove. We don't just produce great products, we produce great products that make our customers lives easier and more enjoyable, especially during the cold winter months.

Don't struggle lighting your fires. Read what our great customers have to say about how easy it is to start a fire with the Super Cedar Firestarter.

Our customers will absolutely convince you that once you try our firestarter, you will never want to deal with kindling, newspaper, or other inferior firestarters ever again!

Read what our customers are saying and contact us if you have any questions.


Simply the best.100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Thomas Reynolds  -Developer/Owner

I am about as frugal as possible without being classified as being eccentric. I am also from Canada so there was a small extra shipping charge for my Super Cedars, that being said they are worth every penny spent on them. I Start probably half the fires we have at our year round cottage, that is a lot of very cold starts in our wood stove as we are not there 24/7, Super Cedars just make the whole experience so much easier and cleaner, not to mention not hearing the crinkle of my husband twisting newspaper bows at 7.00 A.M. PRICELESS!!!!!!

Bonnie H.  -Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hands down these are the best fire starters that you ever see!

T. Hodge  -

After years of using other methods I finally gave the Super Cedars a try. I am sold. No need to try to keep a fire going when not needed just to have coals to restart. The Super Cedars are like finding a bed of hot coals in a cold stove.

R. Burrow  -Virginia

I have access to free fat lighter but choose to use Supercedars instead. Easy startup every time!

JH, Monticello  -Fl

We have used the Super Cedar firestarts for almost a year and LOVE them, The start very fast and last a long time and get your fire going and keep it going until things really fire up.

I totally recommend the product and when ours is gone we will of course reorder.

Nice to know that there are products do what they are supposed to do and do it well and American made

Sandie  -West of Boston

I've been extremely pleased with your fire-starter product. I received my samples and tried them in my wood stove without any newspaper or kindling wood to put them to a real test, just a few small splits. The SuperCedar worked so well that I ordered a pack of 100! Starting a fire is no longer something I lament, I know that when I light the match that in 10 minutes my fire will be roaring, every time! I've shared a few with some fellow wood burners and they've all converted too.

Thanks for delivering a product that works as advertised, for a fair price. It's one of the few things that really makes life a little bit easier.

J. Bukoffsky  -Flint, MI

Using Super Cedars means having a fire burning within fifteen minutes of walking through the door at the end of the day.

D. Cook  -Chesaning, MI

Just received a carton of 72 starters last week. Shipped very quickly. They work great in a top down burning fire. I'm sure by cutting them in quarters they will last all season. I will be recommending them to other wood burning friends.

W.B. Schoharie  -NY

Our Firestarters Are The Best!

Thousands of our customers already know this to be true and you can too. Order a box today and discover how great our firestarters really are. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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