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Starts up to 144 fires



Starts up to 288 fires

72ct Unwrapped


Starts up to 288 fires



Starts up to 400 fires

100ct Unwrapped


Starts up to 400 fires

Cast Aluminum Stove


With 3 Disks & Storage Bag



Starts up to 216 fires

Cast Aluminum Stove


With 3 Disks & Storage Bag



Starts up to 216 fires

Cast Aluminum Stove


With 3 Disks & Storage Bag

Super Cedar Firestarters are a 4" x 1" disk made from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax. They leave no residues or toxic chemicals behind. Simply light the edge with a match and each starter will burn for 20-30 minutes. One starter can be broken apart to start multiple fires!

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Cleaner, Hotter,
& Safer!

Super cedar lights faster, burns longer, burns cleaner, and burns at a higher temperature than other available firestarters.

Super Cedar achieves a higher temp far faster than other firestarters while maintaining higher temperatures longer.

See for yourself how Super Cedar is the superior firestarter!

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Works Great
For Catalytic Stoves

Not only is Super Cedar Firestarters safe for catalytic stoves, but studies have found that it improved the start-up time of the stove and, in the long run, will lower the amount of pollutants emitted from the stove.

A leading catalytic converter manufacturer tested the effect of Super Cedar Firestarters on the startup and operation of catalytic stoves.

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Super Cedar Firestarters are creating happy customers and profits for many companies. We can provide large quantities of Super Cedar pucks with the standard label or with custom imprints.

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